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"May these words of my mouth, and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my rock and my redeemer."
Psalm 19:14

Updated: 8/4/18
  • Have a SAFE SUMMER!

    Countdown to 2018-2019 School Year

  • Supply List for Fourth Graders (put your child's name on items marked in RED)

    -          1 pack of sharpened pencils (please make sure the pencils are pre-sharpened, this helps us get right to work!)

    -          1 personal pencil sharpener (not an electric one, just one that they can quietly use at their desk)

    -          1 sm. pack of colored pencils ( We do not need 500 different colors, just the basics is fine)

    -          1 pckg. of dry erase markers (We supply the dry erase board, you just need to bring the markers. The Expo markers erase the best!)

    -          Highlighters- need pink, blue, yellow, and green (we specifically use THOSE COLORS in our writing)

    -          1 pair of tall socks (one is to erase the whiteboard, and the other is for music class)

    -          2 pink erasers

    -          1 large pair of sharp scissors

    -          1 large glue stick

    -          1 ruler with cm, mm, and inches

    -          4 wide-ruled notebooks with perforated edges ( Please make sure these are 4 separate notebooks, not one notebook with 4 subject divides in it. We also need these to have perforated edges, so it is easy to tear out pages. We can put names on them later when we also label each one with a certain subject)

    -          1 basic function calculator (A big calculator with all the fancy buttons is unnecessary, and confusing for the kids. The basic is great!)

    -          Poly expanding accordion file folder with 8 OR MORE POCKETS (I cannot express enough the importance of the 8 pockets! We use this file folder all day every day. I use this to teach organization. It is VERY tricky when a student only has 5 pockets. 8 is the minimum that is needed to best use these in our classroom organization. )

    -          Ear buds (We have been given 30 chromebooks for the whole 4th grade. This is so very exciting! In order to use these to their full potential each child will need to be able to listen to things on their computer. We do not want to battle lice, so each child needs to bring their own, and keep track of it. Please find a way to put their name on them also.)

    - The Bible we expect the students to bring, is the one given to them by the school.

  • August 15 - School Starts

Prayer Requests:

    • Stay Safe Over Summer!

Please email us with any questions/concerns!

Ms. De Witt
Mrs. Lyzenga
Mrs. Altena

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